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Choose from many different styles of window treatments.  Drapery panels can be flannel interlined for a fuller, richer look and also be energy efficient as they protect you from draft that may come thru your window.  Dupioni silk, faux silk or taffeta is normally interlined because of its thin appearance. Extra long draperies can be made when stage drapes are needed. Sheer drapery panels, extra wide or seamless sheer panels can be placed behind your decorative panels to finish the project.  Use the ripplefold panel treatment for a smooth contemporary look and eliminate the decorative rod. Call for yardage quotes if you are not sure how much fabric to buy then look thru my drapery ideas.
Your custom ordered window treatments and bedding items are handmade at the designer workroom, and the sewing is performed at the workroom location.  An extensive collection of designer fabrics is available for you to view, or, you can make an appointment for an in home consultation. You may custom order drapery fabrics from me or use your own fabric. Many different drapery lining options are available and always in stock, including the elegant french blackout style. Choose from many drapery styles, decorative borders of fabrics and trims, custom widths and lengths, which offer a superior custom fit with energy efficient benefits. Ask to see the flannel interlined panel for energy efficiency. Custom made & custom fit hardware collections are also available to complement your finished drapery selection. Whether it is custom curtains or custom draperies, everything can be made to suit your style. Choose from many styles of ornate wood and wrought iron rods & finials. They can be purchased as a set or custom made to suit your design style. Cellular shades and grass weave shades are also available as well as woven woods and horizontal blinds.  Indoor solar shades and outdoor solar panels are available to meet your energy efficient needs.

A vast supply of hardware to satisfy your every needs
Decorative hardware lines offer many different styles of wood and wrought iron.  Many of them can be custom made to fit your windows. Traverse rods can be standard or decorative.  Decorative rods can be installed plain for tab top panels or grommet panels or purchased with rings to be used for flat or pleated panels.  Drapery rods come in wood, iron or resin with custom stains and finishes. All treatments can be motorized with a wall switch or remote control. Cell shades, wood blinds, aluminum horizontal blinds, also known as mini blinds, grass weave shades, blackout shades, outdoor solar screens and solar shades are available.  Call to make an appointment to see the many different options available. A few of the available drapery hardware companies are listed below.

Hardware Manufacturer Link List

Accessories include tiebacks, shower curtains, table cloths, table runners and embroidered towels. Many different accessories are available to finish your project.  Tiebacks can be made out of fabric with optional trim or use ready made tiebacks such as wrought iron that matches your hardware or use tassel tiebacks that match your fabric trim.
Decorative or functional pillows can be made to any size and filled with your choice of polyester or down feather fill.  Bring your own pillow insert or special order one of your choice.  Foam cushion inserts are custom made for window seats, sofa cushions, outdoor furniture.  Upholstered outdoor cushions with dry fast foam and outdoor fabrics make outdoor furniture easy to take care of.  Special fill is used for outdoor cushions to reduce mold or mildew.  

Pillows of any style with any embellishment you desire can be used to make 
a pillow.  Cushions that require extra loft can be made with cushion wrap.  Cushion wrap is not included in the normal fabrication of seat cushions 
and is considered optional.
Duvet covers, bedskirts, dust ruffles, pillows and shams can all be made to the size you specify.  Bedskirts can be tailored, box pleated, gathered and lined or unlined. Decorative coverlets and comforters are oversized to fit the side drops and modern size bed mattresses. 
Duvet inserts can be made out of feather or polyester silk fill. Complete bedding ensembles are available and are all custom made.  Duvets, comforters, coverlets and throws are made to your measurements.  Different fabrics can be used for one bedding item to create a color banded look and add to your bedding décor. Buttons, ties or zippers can be used as a closure for a duvet.  

Typically called roman, balloon or Austrian shades are handmade with standard locking pulleys or continuos loop cords.  There are many different headrails to choose from and all are assembled here at the workroom.  You can choose from different colored cords or beaded chains for your outside cord control when continuous loop clutch is preferred.  The linings can be standard, standard with interlining or blackout. Browse through the portfolio to see what style fits best for your décor.
These valances are the same as 
pleated except the pleats are 
made flat instead of folded to the 
front.  They can be standard or 
inverted and can have accent 
fabrics inserted inside the opening 
of the fold or use the same fabric.  They can be board mounted for a more structured or formal look, or rod mounted for a more relaxed look.  They also can be shaped at the bottom to give it more of a swag appeal.  Embellish it with decorative trim and it becomes more elegant.  A shaped bottom with a textured fabric may lend itself to a more relaxed look.  All board mounted valances include the wood and mounting hardware is included if installed by a professional installer.
                           There are many different styles of valances and are                                handmade with or without trim. They are made the                                 same as a panel with the exception of the length.                                   Choose from the many different styles available or                                  design your own.  They can be contemporary such                                 as the throw swag or grommet style valance, or they can be traditional like the tab top rod pocket style or formal like the Kingston or empire.  The empire valance is the same as the Kingston except the pleating is on the top of the board where the Kingston is along the sides of the horns.  Therefore the Empire 
has a more contemporary appeal to it but still
remains formal.  Reduce the number of pleats on 
an Empire and you have the contemporary version 
of the valance.  Valances add color to the functional 
or non-functional panels under the valance and add 
to the completion of a window treatment. 
All cornice boxes are made out of wood and 
wrapped in dacron.  Fabric and any trim or 
cording is extra.  Wood, dacron and back 
lining are included.  Choose a shaped 
curved top or bottom or straight design by 
choosing from the portfolio or design your own shape.  Your choices are endless.  All cornice boards have a 4 foot minimum charge but can be made at any width or height.
Panels can be functional or non-functional and are fabricated to fit your window requirements.  All panels have a standard fee and embellishments such as trims, attached valances or different headings such as grommet panels, tab tops or pleated tops are extra.  More than one fabric can be used to accent other colors that are subtle in your room.  Use color blocking with solid bold colors for a more contemporary look.  Color banding can be used along the inside edges of panels and add tassel trim or cording to accentuate the leading edge.
The top of a panel that is pleated or flat is 
called a “heading”.  A pleated top can be 
made in different styles with several options.  
A slight change in the way a pleat is tacked 
will change the appearance of the top of the 
panel or valance.  You may prefer a more 
traditional style pleat and choose the 
standard French pinch pleat or want a more 
contemporary style and have the euro-pleat. Pleats can be top, center or bottom tacked and will significantly change the look of the heading while         
                                            Swags and cascades have always been a choice                                                  when curved shapes are needed.  They can be board                                             mounted or as an open treatment on a decorative                                                  wood or wrought iron rod.  You can have swags                                                     valances made with Velcro to fold over the rod or                                                   attach the top of the horns with decorative rings to                                                 match the rod.  Cascades can be made at any                                                     length and are capable as serving as a contemporary or formal treatment. You choices are endless and you can use a design in a picture or design your own. Anything you find can be fabricated from a picture.
still remaining as a pleat. Any style that you choose is considered a heading and there are many to choose from.  Some examples are: pinch pleat, euro pleat, inverted pleat, ripplefold, shirred with shirring tape, rod pocket, box pleated, grommet, tab top, tie top, rouched tab, gathered tab, basket weave, goblet pleat, arched top pleated and scalloped. All headings can be made with accent fabrics and trims. Ripplefold treatments require a ripplefold rod custom cut to the size of your window.